Me Without You

1. října 2011 v 22:04 | Megan ♥

Me Without You

It's just you and me
And there's no one around
Feel I'm hanging by thread
It's a long way down
I've been trying to breathe
But I'm fighting for air
I'm at an all-time low
With no place to go
But you're always there
When everything falls apart
And it seems like the world is crashing at my feet
You like me the best when I'm a mess
When I'm my own worst enemy
You make me feel beautiful
When I have nothing left to prove
And I can't imagine how I'd make it through
There's no me without you
No me without you, no no
You hear what I say
When I don't say a word
You are the rising sun
You're the place I run
You know how it hurts
And when you say 'baby, it's gonna get better,' I believe you
And I wish that somehow I could see me the way that you do
With my imperfections you think I'm perfect
When it's not easy you make it worth it

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