1. října 2011 v 21:25 | Megan ♥


Hip shaker, dream maker, heartbreaker, earth quaker
I can be anything that you want me to
Coin spender, mind-bender, jet-setter, go-getter
Change up my getup for anything you choose
I don't mind trying on someone else
I won't mind seeing just how it felt
I might like changing my disguise
To make you happy
Here's my formal invitation
You and me go masquerading
Lose ourselves in this charading
Is this love we're imitating
Do we want what we got?
If not I say so what
Here's my formal invitation
You can be my
School teacher, mind reader, dream weaver, just be the
One I can count on to play it out with me
Hot waiter, cool skater, trailblazer, pulse raiser
Naughty or nice-whatever you want to be
You wanna try on someone else?
You might like seeing how it felt
Do you mind changing your disguise?
To make me happy
We'll make it fun when it's over and done
I still want you to see the real me
No more disguises, let true love decide if
We should be . . . together

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