Hot Mess

1. října 2011 v 21:32 | Megan ♥

Hot Mess

I'm a mess when it comes to you
I've got no inhibitions whatsoever it's true
I'm not the kinda girl who runs around like this
Caught up in a kiss . . . best friend with benefits
You're so racy . . . you're my favorite guy
So unruly . . . so uncivilized
Cupid got me right between my eyes
You know you got bit real bad
Doin' things that you never did
Ooh, ooh . . . you wake up in your bra and your makeup
Ooh, ooh . . . car's in the driveway parked sideways
Yeah I know this is killin' me
I'm leavin' every piece of my conscience behind
Ooh, oh I'm such a hot mess, I'm such a hot mess, I'm such a hot mess with you
With you, I never knew lovin' you could be so fun
It's true I was such a good, good girl
Before you came along
I'm getting speeding tickets, I'm acting just like a misfit
I'm lettin' my mail pile up to the ceiling
You're makin' me irresponsible
'Cause I just wanna be with you
Act rambunctious and see what I do
Go hard . . . hit that gas
Live your life like it's all you have
Push, push harder make it last
All this love is worth the mess . . . hot mess

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