1. října 2011 v 21:56 | Megan ♥


I'm in disarray, I'm unkempt and I love it sugar, yeah this is what you do
When you run your fingers through my hair in the morning
I'm feeling like a sexy superstar
Whoa, whoa you rock my party, wanna make me say who who
You're the only one that keeps me singing la la la
I love to smell your t-shirt, I like the way you are
But most all I like it like it
I like what you do to my hair
Who knew that looking a mess could feel so good
I like what you do to my hair
Tousle it, tease it, run your fingers through it, oh how you do
Now go and mess it up, mess it up baby, mess it up, mess it up, mess it
Do it till I can't get enough oh oh
I'm un-perfect so un me but I love it sugar
See this is what you do, you get my ponytail to sag
My bangs are laughable but I don't mind 'cause I think it's kinda super cool
Tonight I'm gonna fix it up real nice, my Shirley Temple curls
I want you to mess it up, I'll put on a bow 'cause I want you to know
That you got your name on my heart
You're wicked bad and I like the way that you do it baby

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